Utah: “Being Above” is a song not only for our servicemen. These words are for each of us

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In the song “Be Higher”, the singer Utah (Anna Osipova) managed to express what is now in the souls of millions of people. This song is sent to friends in a personal message, reverently passed to each other like a candle from hand to hand. We talked to Utah about each of us.

But first – a song.

– Utah, thank you very much for the song “Be Higher”. You have managed to find the most important and correct words. Tell us about her – how she came to be, how people accept her.

-The song appeared quickly. It was as if the text was dictated to me at the same time as the melody. Also rapidly, the recording took place with several takes. You know, I didn’t expect such a flurry of letters in response… I see how people came together. I see these tears in my eyes.

– About the name “Be higher”. There are words in the text “to be above lies and betrayals”. But does “being above” mean, among other things, remaining human in all circumstances, being noble, humane towards prisoners, even knowing how our soldiers are treated?

– This is a song not only for our servicemen … These words are for each of us. We are all faced with a choice: either to develop or to degrade. What is higher than a lie? Only love and goodness. If you truly love your country, you will wish it prosperity. You will help her. And what is a country? These are people. Here we come to the fact that without love of neighbor there is no development, prosperity. If you truly love your neighbor, then you will not allow lawlessness and impunity for evil. And you will defend your world with your teeth. This is a certain paradox, this is the truth of life.

– You are a mother. Do you discuss with your children what is happening now in Donbass, in Ukraine, in the world? How can parents talk about this now with children, with teenagers?

– My children ask what and how. They are very sincerely interested. They nod understandingly, leave to think. They return tomorrow with new questions. Do you know why? Because there is no such thing on social networks, but they will definitely come across sophisticated reproaches against our army and our president. And they are already asking new questions, and we are going deeper into history with them. And geography no longer seems like a boring subject to them.

– Again – you are a mother, but you took a risk, performing not only in Syria but also in Donbass. What makes you go to places where it can be dangerous? After all, few people, even male musicians, dare to do so.

– I took a risk because I trust our military infinitely. If they take responsibility and invite an artist, then you can go. Believe me, these are people of honor, words and high professionalism.


– Now often due to disagreements about the special operation, colleagues, friends, even relatives stop communicating, there are problems in families. Unfortunately, we all face this. Do you have any advice – what to do when misunderstandings arise between relatives? Husband, wife, children and parents. How to behave, what to say to save the family?

– If the conflict affects people living in the same area, it is a tragedy. I will not take advice in such a situation. As for other cases, and it affected me, I just stop talking. Absolutely. There are no topics left today that can be discussed, bypassing the question: “Who are you with?”. You can’t convince anyone with an argument. You will not impose your point of view.

– Returning to the song “Be higher”. The video contains footage from the Olympics, with Kamila Valieva. We know that you played sports as a child, this topic is clear and close to you. What would you like to wish our athletes now? After all, their destinies are collapsing – people are deprived of the right to perform at the international level. Or maybe it would not be worth performing under the white flag and without the anthem for a long time?

– I would like to wish the athletes good luck and new achievements. These are people who, by their existence, show us that the possibilities of man are truly enormous. These are people who need our support, not reproaches about white flags and the lack of an anthem. We need to support our people. They never give up.


– We will not talk about those musicians, actors, in general, all sorts of celebrities who have just fled abroad, condemn Russia, renounce it. Let’s talk about those who were surprised by the good side. For example, our gymnast, who was not afraid to come out with the symbol Z… Maybe someone else surprised you, pleased?

– I was surprised by my neighbors, who gave free housing to Ukrainians in a difficult time. I was surprised by the smile of a resident of Rubezhnoye, who discovered after the evacuation that her apartment no longer exists, bombed .. But everyone is alive! My daughter surprised me. She asked why I was going to speak in front of the refugees and if I would be paid for it. I answer, they say, will not pay, the food will lift the mood. The daughter smiled and said: “Mom, I’m so good at your words now…”.

– I’m sure you have heard many stories from the people of Donbass, from our military or about the exploits of our military, medics. Maybe there is a story about courage, self-sacrifice or human kindness that you especially remember?

– Guys. War is blood, guts, horror and pain. They try to forget about it and never tell. The story of courage is every second spent there. The story of self-sacrifice is the moment when a serviceman chose this profession. We need to accept this here as a citizen. There will be many stories about feats. But I want to emphasize once again. Everyone who is there on duty writes a story every second about courage, self-sacrifice and human kindness.


– Sergei Bodrov’s hero Danila Bagrov said that strength is in the truth. And what do you think is the strength in our time?

– Strength in love. And love is good. And good must be with fists.

– After the victory will you come to perform in Veliky Novgorod?

– With great joy! I’m waiting for a meeting!

Olga Lavrova and Alexander Emelyanov worked on the material. Illustrations from the official Utah VC Bandsas well as footage from the video “Be higher”.

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