Uspenskaya’s daughter named the man who broke her life

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Tatiana Plaksina told a terrible story, with which her troubles began.

Having visited a psychiatric hospital for the last year and accused her mother of domestic violence, Tatiana Plaksina has never spoken about the root of all her problems – drugs. Didn’t say – until yesterday.

On the show “Male / Female” Lyubov Uspenskaya’s daughter stated that her “close friend” named Taisiya had led her down a crooked path. Tatiana started going to strange bars and clubs, taking incomprehensible substances and giving her money to her “girlfriend”.

“It simply came to our notice then. The first time I was drugged, then my roof came off, I was completely carried away. And Taisiya wrote to me on social media – she offered to do a concert in a cool club.

I came there, and they poured something on me. The more I drank, the more I was distracted. Taisiya started looking for me, giving me drugs all the time … I partially gave her money, ”Plaksina laments.

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