Uspenskaya revealed the ugly truth about the past

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The star admitted to whom she performed at the beginning of her career.

Many artists often recall how unsweetened they were in the “hungry and dashing” nineties. Recently, the popular singer Lyubov Uspenskaya also spoke on this topic. The star was not afraid of condemnation and revealed the ugly truth about his past.

To make money, the singer did what she could. She did not refuse to speak in front of a far from decent audience. The celebrity noticed that this happened when she was just starting to develop her solo career.

“I often performed for bandits. These were the main clients “, – said Lyubov Zalmanovna in the documentary show” Cool 90’s with Ida Galich “on Premier. In addition, the queen of chanson clarified that it was thanks to her songs that many members of the criminal world “chose the right path.”

In addition, the star admitted that she often received obscene offers from wealthy fans, but never accepted them. But Uspenskaya, on the contrary, never refused gifts in the form of fur coats or cars.

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