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Gathered the best statements of the leader of the group “Spleen” Alexander Vasiliev.

Everything will always be played live, we have discussed it a hundred times and come to it a hundred times. I’m afraid of the Garbage effect: I come to a concert and dump after the third song, because the dead man is full.

I believe that the song is not filled by the author, but by the one who listens to the song, who likes it. I advise you to think about it yourself and come up with something of your own.

What inspires me? Life itself. I woke up in the morning – already happy. I cooked breakfast, ate – in general incredibly happy. Car trips are a thrill, driving is generally wonderful. The studio is good. Good at concerts. Sometimes the road is hard, especially the plane, but it is a part of life, there is no escape from it.

I think I hung around at the age of 21. I remember this moment: I returned from the army, went out into the yard, looked around and realized that everything is free. Do what you want. Actually, I still live in this state. What difference does it make how old you are.

For me, the main thing is that the album flies by in one breath, even if it lasts 45 minutes.

“Spleen” – when you calmly let your musicians play in other bands. It is wonderful when a person rests without us, and when he is bored, he returns, and there is always the joy of meeting.

Any creativity is a deviation from the norm. You see: our songs are crooked, strange. I live in a kind of inner world, and I’m comfortable there.

For me, there is only one way to succeed – to write strong interesting bright songs. Then people will reach out to you. The song is strong when a person picks up a guitar, starts singing a song, and everyone around shuts up and starts listening, and at the end of the song they applaud. That’s all.

You can’t sing about what can contribute to any destruction. It is better to be at zero and do nothing, but not to destroy, not to participate in atrocities. From zero to infinity is my path.

I like to write songs, then record them – this is a real journey for me every time. In general, I’m a bard and I write bard songs, I’m not a rock musician.

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