Urgant mocked the drunken Buzova and regretted it

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A parody of a TV presenter

Olga Buzova’s scandalous revelry with Klava Koka thundered all over the Internet – after them the former host of “Doma-2” diligently proved that she did not touch alcohol, and the popular singer received an unpleasant injury on a ski slope. It would seem that more than a month has passed and the situation has calmed down, but Ivan Urgant does not think so.

Before the start of filming the next “Evening Urgant”, Vanya showed in the blog quite a harsh parody, trying to bring to life a drunken Buzova, clinging to the walls and unable to walk straight:

“Klava, just don’t spread it anywhere!” Urgant muttered.

Jokes – jokes, and posting videos on the Web, it seems, and the truth was not worth it. Even their fans rebelled against Vanya and Klava:

“With such friends and enemies are not necessary”, “Urgant, it’s disgusting!”, “I stopped respecting Vanya after that”, “Okay, girls substitute. Let it be their level. But an adult man … He looks disgusting and ridiculous. It’s not funny. “

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