Urgant did not remain silent about the great failure

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The TV presenter treats his unsuccessful creative experiments with humor.

Ivan Urgant told the details of his first appearance on television. The corresponding entry appeared in the Telegram channel of the program “Evening Urgant».

According to the celebrity, for the first time as an artist he was on the set of a music video by composer Oleg Kvasha, author of the hit “Green-eyed Taxi” when he was in the last grade of school. The future star played a cameo role in the video for the song “Sing, tramp”, but the clip has not become popular: in 25 years it has collected about 30,000 views.

“My first appearance on television,” says Urgant.

Web users were delighted with the role of the idol. In the comments, they praised the TV presenter for the sense of humor with which he talks about his experience, and admitted that they do not see anything wrong with such experiments.

“How cute”, “And you were already talented then”, – fans are sure.

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