Unusually little guy from Syzran became the hero of a parody of the video for The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

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Unusually little guy from Syzran became the hero of a parody of the video for The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

The young man decided to make an original gift for the anniversary.

Syzran resident Alexander Davydov became the protagonist of a parody of the video for the popular Canadian singer The Weeknd. Recall Syzranets of small stature became famous all over Russia after participating in the series “On the knee”.

This time, in honor of his 30th birthday, he decided to make himself an original gift.

– Alexander wanted to make a video of him just dancing to music in honor of his birthday. I tell him: bullshit is an idea, and then I offered to shoot something bigger. Together with my friend Denis Tkachuk, we came up with the idea to shoot a parody of the video for The Weeknd – Blinding Lights, where the main character in our video will be this youngest guy, – said KTV-LUCH video director Daniel Puzravin.

According to the plot, Alexander decided to organize a party in honor of his anniversary. Exactly at midnight he blows out the candles surrounded by friends and starts dancing in the club. Alexander’s friends decided to surprise him – they brought a beautiful singer to the party.

– In reality, Alexander Davydov dreams of love, we took this into account when writing the story: a man is overwhelmed by feelings of love “at first sight”, and he flew up to the singer, barely touching her, as bandits break into the club. Alexander runs to his car, speeds through the streets of the city at high speed and suddenly gets into an accident, – says Daniel Puzravin.

After that, the hero again tries to escape from his pursuers, but, despite the complexity of the situation, Alexander is in a great mood. He even dances on an empty street in the city, but suddenly he is abruptly grabbed by the same bandits from the club and hit in the face with a cake. As a result, it turns out that these were not bandits, but friends who chased after Alexander in such an original way to congratulate him on his birthday.

– We started shooting the video at nine o’clock in the evening, and finished at about 5:30. Half of the time we shot in a photo studio, and the other part on Sovetskaya Street. Everyone was exhausted specifically. The clip was released exactly on Alexander’s birthday – March 7. Our team is very happy with the result, as well as Alexander himself, – admitted Daniel.

You can watch the video here.

photo: Alexander Davydov

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