Unknown poems by young Charlotte Bronte were found

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A pleasant surprise for Charlotte Bronte fans: found a miniature book made by her hands. IN she recorded early poems, which may be the last unknown works of the writer. AT than they are, so far we can only guess – The further fate of the volume is in question. We tell you how it turned out.

Charlotte Bronte, her sisters and brother grew up in the wilderness of northern England. Deprived of contact with their peers, the children of Bronte did not let themselves be bored: they fantasized and engaged in creativity. Patrick Brenwell Bronte was a promising artist, and his sisters Emily, Anne and Charlotte came up with their own stories. And were not going to stop! The eldest of the sisters, Charlotte, became famous for “Jen Air”, Emily wrote “Storm Pass”, and Anne – the novels “The Stranger from Wildfell Hall” and “Agnes Gray”. Their first attempts at writing were combined with the creation of miniature book volumes filled with their own poems.

The fate of Bronte’s legacy is very sad and, in principle, typical. After the death of Arthur Nicholls ‘second wife, Charlotte’s widower, many of the sisters’ manuscripts and belongings were scattered around the world. Miniature books made by them for entertainment have become a subject of hunting for fans and collectors.

And here is the last volume of Charlotte’s poems, of which she has more than two dozen. For more than a century, his fate was unknown. IN as a result, he found himself in the hands of a private collector who accidentally found him in a textbook XIX century. The envelope with the tiny book was wrapped in a copy of the old auction listing.

A self-made miniature collection was created by the writer at about 13 years. A Book of Rhymes, or “ryhmes”, as the girl herself wrote on the title page, consists of 15 pages. A book is smaller than a playing card. Bronte’s handwriting is so microscopic that some poems can only be read with a magnifying glass. Claire Harman, a literary biographer, hopes to decipher these records. She suggests that these are “Charlotte Bronte’s last unread poems.”

A Book of Rhymes presents 10 poems. Some of them are known for the biography of Charlotte Bronte, written by her friend Elizabeth Gaskell. Whether fans find out what these previously unknown verses are about depends on the buyer of the book. The future owner has the right not to disclose the contents of the acquired collection. The auction for the right to own them starts on the 21st April, the opening night of the New York International Antique Book Fair. By an interesting coincidence on this day in 1816 Charlotte Bronte was born in Those wishing to buy the book will have to pay a tidy sum of 1.25 million dollars.

In recent years, finds associated with the name of the writer are not uncommon. IN In 2019, the Brontë Parsonage Museum raised almost 800 000 dollars to buy out Charlotte’s miniature magazine, which suddenly appeared at auction. Two years later, a large “lost” library of Bronte’s manuscripts and other literary artifacts was found that had disappeared from view for almost a century. In order to preserve them for the British public, the Union of Libraries and Museums bought the entire collection for 20 millions of dollars.

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