Unique ska and oh sets in acoustics are waiting for Moscow. Ridus

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An acoustic jam session will take place in Moscow on Saturday, April 30, such musical improvisations are typical for bluesmen. The upcoming concert will be so unique. After all, the popular in the capital ska bands SKAlpel, Male Factors and Shootki will appear on the stage of the Kinky Rouge club with different intensity acoustic sets.

In addition to these groups, the guests of the event – Moscow Oi! formation of PensiOi! ners is a secret side project of musicians from different ska-punk bands. “Energetic Hooligan Oi! with a cumulative charge of rock ‘n’ roll, street punk and hardcore, ”is how the band members describe their music. And, once again, it should be noted that all this will be performed strictly in acoustics.

After them, several songs from their old repertoire will be chopped in the acoustics of Male Factors for the already warmed-up hall. This performance will be special also because it will not feature the frontman and leader of the band Niko. Well, who will replace him on stage – the band members remain intrigued.

For the music the recently recreated SKAlpel will be answered by the creator of the ensemble Uri and bassist Motyga, owner of the popular metropolitan bar “Motyga and Yeti”. Well, they will help them play their favorite acoustic covers of British and American guitar classics and songs from the album “Ska on the copper of gutters” guitarist Male Factors Pasha, drummer Shootki Kohl and bassist of another metropolitan band The Melodies Vova. Something similar is performed by Uri’s pub-rock project called KNIFE. Similar, but according to the musician himself, not quite.

As is obvious, there can be no headliners at this amazing concert, due to the fact that each of the participants in this jam has a serious history behind him and his own army of fans.

But the last at the United SKA Jam will be Shootki, and they will appear in full force. The guys will play their program with all their might – two guitars, bass, drums and a brass band. The uniqueness of this acoustic set will be given by the fact that the authentic drummer of the band with his mighty drum “kitchen” will replace the usual Roman with a cahon format. Such is the promise of powerful acoustics.

It should also be noted that the entrance price for such an unprecedented concert is very low, especially for our crisis time – 500 rubles. At the same time, the hall at Malaya Yakimanka, 24, where the musicians will gather for the jam, is quite small, so it is definitely worth taking care of the eyebrows in advance.

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