“Unhappy, trapped woman”: Borodina’s appearance raised questions

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Ksenia has changed a lot.

Ksenia Borodina recently appeared in public in the company of a new suitor. The couple was spotted on a date at the theater. Only the appearance of Kurban Omarov’s ex-wife puzzled not only the public, but also famous bloggers.

Lena Miro noticed that Borodina sank down and hunched over. The blogger quickly found an explanation for the change. She is sure that Xenia’s posture has suffered because the presenter spends too much time on the Internet.

“The unfortunate, trapped woman got stuck in the swamp of virtual reality, from the seat in which she had already formed a growth on her back, popularly called the widow’s hill. It does not attract, inspire or even interest, ”Miro said in her opinion blog.

Photo source: Legion-media.ru

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