Ulyanovsk will be shown rare and banned books from the Soviet era

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April 12 at 15.00 in the exhibition hall of the House-Museum VI Lenin will open the exhibition “Pages of the history of socialist thought. A rare socialist book: from Russian populists to Stalin’s grand albums. ” It is dedicated to the 152nd anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin and the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR.

At the exposition, visitors will be presented with antique books by the famous collector Anatoly Dmitriev. Among them are the rarest “Historical Letters of Peter Lavrov” (1870), “Diary of the Social Democrat Plekhanov” (1914), “Pamphlets of Jean-Paul Marat” in Russian translation (1934) and others. Interestingly, each copy is provided with a special poster with a bibliographic description and historical information about the author.

In addition, guests will get acquainted with the brochures of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) during the split in the RSDLP in 1904-1913.

The uniqueness of the exhibition is that many of the exhibits for various reasons have survived in single copies. These are books of “enemies of the people”, which were withdrawn from public circulation and destroyed, pre-revolutionary illegal literature, gift editions of the first years of Soviet power. Such publications are usually in special repositories and are not exhibited to the general public.

The exhibition will run in the exhibition hall of the House-Museum of VI Lenin until May 29.
Information by phone (8422) 41-82-29.

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