Ukrainian blind Paralympians presented with tickets to the zoo and books: Ukraine: Former USSR:

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Kharkiv authorities presented the participants of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, including the blind, with zoo tickets and ordinary books in Braille. About this told Games champion Marina Litovchenko on her Facebook page.

The athlete explained that she spoke about it “not with anger, but with incredible bitterness.” She noted that initially the city authorities encouraged the Paralympians “for the highest achievements” with flowers and an external battery to charge gadgets.

“And here they presented even more valuable gifts, namely: the Paralympians, who have no eyesight, were given an ordinary book about Kharkov and tickets to the zoo. No, nobody thought about books in Braille, ”the Ukrainian wrote.

According to her, the authorities concluded that the Paralympians do not need support, because they are the most “well-off” citizens of the city. “And what about health, do they have health problems? Of course, the answer is obvious, everything is fine with health, so they do not need rehabilitation after the games, they do not need funds for this and so on. And they do not need to rest, because they do not “soar” at the Paralympic Games at all, “the athlete summed up.

Former President of the Russian Wrestling Federation (FSB) Mikheil Mamiashvili appreciated refusal of Ukrainian Paralympian Igor Tsvetov to be photographed with Russian athletes Dmitry Safonov and Artem Kalashyan at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He said he did not understand the behavior of the Ukrainian, and called his action flawed and stupid. In his opinion, Tsvetov showed disrespect not so much to Russian athletes as to himself.

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