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“Ugly, behaves ugly”: the new head of Lenkom was outraged by the behavior of his daughter Mark Zakharov

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Mark Warsaw continues to “fight” with Alexandra Zakharova.

The media report on a new round of conflict, which has been going on in Moscow’s Lenkom since the death of the theater’s main director Mark Zakharov.

It will be recalled that the confrontation between the director’s daughter, actress Alexandra Zakharova and the new director of the theater Mark Warsaw has been reported many times. Zakharova accused him of fraud.

According to the latter, who gave an interview to, Zakharova’s virtues as an actress are in great doubt.

He even criticized the appearance of the daughter of the late Khudruk, calling her “a cheeky, ugly lady” who “behaves ugly, unworthy.”

“He comes to the theater and talks to people rudely. He does not greet many “, – stated Warsaw.

He clarified that the theater’s artists appreciate the director, but Zakharova does not, although in December she received her thirteenth salary. And she’s busy with four productions, so she can’t talk about being fired.

“No one took away any of her roles. Zakharova is lying, ”the director said.

According to him, Zakharov “can’t stand” all the actors, because she is not a professional, but a “lady” who believes that the very presence of the second cast of roles takes away her job.

Warsaw said that Zakharova was not shy, believing that it was “some value” for the troupe, but this was not the case.

“No more,” he summed up.

As before reported Topnews, more than 70 Lenkom actors wrote an open letter to the TFR. The letter was called by the media a continuation of the struggle for the “creative heritage” of the deceased head of “Lenkom”.

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