Two documentaries on the role of the Yakuts in the two wars of the early 20th century were presented in Yakutia

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In the historical park “Russia – my history” in Yakutsk was a presentation of documentaries on the role of the Yakuts in the two wars of the early 20th century – “Hero-priest of the Russo-Japanese War Alexis (Okoneshnikov)” and “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland!” Participation of Yakuts in the First World War “. The books were published by the Yakutsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, YASIA reports.

It is noted that the presentation of the books took place at a significant time for Yakutia: in the year of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the JASSR. In this regard, the national archive provides an opportunity to get acquainted with such data that can shed light on the historical role of the Yakuts in the events of the Russian Empire.

Both books tell about new details of the life of the Yakuts, which ordinary people could not know in history books. For example, a hieromonk Alexey Okoneshnikov was unjustifiably condemned at the time, and only with the publication of the book do we have the opportunity to learn a different point of view on the course of events during the Russo-Japanese War.

In the second book “For the faith, the king and the Fatherland! Participation of the Yakuts in the First World War “by the joint efforts of a number of authors worked to collect the names of Yakuts who participated in a full-scale war that affected the lives of many people and killed ordinary people from the Far North, our compatriots of different faiths and nationalities.

Such discoveries in the historical sphere are opening up a growing scope for studying the past from different angles. The value of such works is important for the Yakuts, the memory of the past years, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past and move forward.

Text and photo: Egor Sivtsev

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