TV1000 Russian Cinema will show the comedy series “Project Anna Nikolaevna”

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From May 1 to 3, viewers of TV1000 Russian Cinema (owned by the Viasat group of companies) will be able to open a window into the mysterious world of android Anna Nikolaevna Korolkevich.

Frame from the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna”

The marathon of the action series of the Film Search “Project Anna Nikolaevna” will begin at 15:00. Also, all series of the first and second seasons of sci-fi comedy will be available on the streaming service viju.

Can a robot investigate cases better than an investigator? Is it easy to be human? The answer to these questions should be given by the android policeman Anna Nikolaevna Korolkevich. The main character, as part of a scientific experiment, is sent to fight crime in the provincial police department.

Only the head of the ROVD, Viktor Sergeyevich Galuzo, knows who she is. For the rest, Korolkevich is the daughter of the deputy minister. The intrigue grows with each episode: will people guess that there is an android among them? Will Anna Korolkevich cope with her mission? After all, the more she communicates with people, the more she adopts their human qualities.

Together with colleagues from the department Andrei Pozharsky, Sergei Mokry and Vyacheslav Lyapin, Captain Anna Korolkevich will solve particularly important cases, investigate thefts and murders, catch a drunken minor and even join a gang of criminals. Nothing portends trouble until the experiment goes too far.

The main role in the project was played by Zoya Berber, known to viewers for the series “Real Boys” and “Farts”. The role of its chief – Lieutenant Colonel Galuzo – was played by People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Garmash (“Stilyagi”, “12”). The other characters were brilliantly played by Anton Filipenko (“Let’s Divorce!”, “28 Panfilovs”), Fedor Lavrov (“About Love”, “Better Than People”) and Kuzma Saprykin (“Filfak”, “Movement Up”). The series also starred Irina Rozanova, Julia Aug, Marusya Klimova, Pavel Derevyanko, Mikhail Porechenkov and others.

Frame from the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna”

The series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” is a comedy of Film Search from the Production Company “Wednesday”. The director of the first season was Maxim Pezhemsky, who previously participated in the creation of the series “Interns”, and in the second season Alexander Karpilovsky (the “Christmas tree” franchise) took the director’s chair. The authors of the script are Dmitry Lemeshev (both seasons) and Roman Nepomnyashchy (first season). Creative producer – Dmitry Nelidov, with his participation, shot such popular films as “Admiral” and two parts of “Bitter”.

“The Anna Nikolaevna project cannot be attributed to any particular genre. It’s comedy, science fiction, thriller and melodrama. The most interesting thing is that this genre mixture creates a harmonious picture. The series turned out to be both deep and light, stylish and subtle, bright and smart.

Watch the first and second seasons of the “Anna Nikolaevna” Project from May 1 to 3 on TV1000 Russian Cinema. The serial marathon starts at 15:00. Also, all episodes will be available on the streaming service viju.

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