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Ekaterina Andreeva once again amazed subscribers with her courage by plunging into icy water.

Ekaterina Andreeva is a phenomenon of Russian television. The host is fifty-six years old, but she looks thirty, if not less. The secret of youth, apparently, lies in an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and skin care. At the same time, the star of “Channel One” is not afraid of very extreme entertainment. So, recently she did the seemingly impossible.

Apparently, the TV presenter is a supporter of hardening, because she decided to dive not into the Moscow hole, but into the Antarctic Ocean. And she not only dived into the icy water, but also swam a few meters. Even the penguins were shocked by such courage. “And the ocean began to boil,” wrote Catherine. This is not surprising, because in such places only locals risk swimming – penguins, sea leopards and whales. The star admitted that the cold of the ocean first penetrates to the bone, and then warms. According to the presenter, the water temperature did not exceed one degree Celsius.

Fans were shocked by the woman’s actions. “You are braver than ever,” “Delight!”, “No words,” “Well, you give,” people responded in comments.

By the way, after a grand swim Andreeva warmed up in a hot tub and went to the stern of the ship to look at the icebergs. In her “Instagram” she posted a photo in which she appeared in shorts and a short top. Apparently, Catherine is not afraid of the cold.

Recall that the TV presenter often shares with her followers the procedures she uses to rejuvenate. So, recently she showed a pretty scary video. His face and neck were completely covered with needles. Apparently, the star came for so-called acupuncture.


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