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A six-year-old girl drove a small car across the field before a rugby match in Warrington, England. How reports “BBC”, the child had to deliver the referee’s ball before the game, but twice passed by. Viewers said on Twitter that the passage with the girl who was broadcast live amused them.

It is specified that a memorable moment occurred during the match between the rugby clubs “Warrington Wolves” and “Castleford Tigers”. The girl, sitting in a mini-car, first drove past the referee standing in the center of the field. Then she turned and headed back, but drove past again. After that, the Warrington Wolves mascot took the ball from her and gave it to the players.

Many viewers commented on Twitter with the moment with the child. “Couldn’t stop laughing”, “I think this is my new hero”, “We need to start every game like this”, – spoke out users. Relevant excerpt from the air, published Sky Sports account, collected more than 800,000 views.

According to a Warrington Wolves spokeswoman, the girl was told she would have to give the ball to a man in green. The child later stated that he did not notice the right person and therefore continued to walk across the field.

Earlier in the media and social networks became famous an American meteorologist who conducted a weather forecast with a baby in her arms. The woman said that the idea to go on the air with the baby came spontaneously.

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