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The star of the Comedy Woman program on TNT TV channel, Russian comedian of film and television Marina Fedunkiv spoke about the difficulties of working in the TV project. IN YouTube-show “Sama Menshova” actress said that it was difficult for her to work in a women’s team.

Fedunkiv said that since childhood she had been in more contact with men, so she considered working in an all-female team unbearable. “I also like to gossip [как и другие участницы Comedy Woman]but I do it in what way: I can growl, I have a hard sense of humor, “she shared, noting that there was a certain hierarchy in their team.

According to Fedunkiv, she did not belong to any group on Comedy Woman and was on her own. At the same time, the actress said that if she saw injustice, she “rushed to the forefront.” “Well, of course, they don’t like people like that. Who here loves people who say everything as it is? ” She summed up.

Previously Fedunkiv told about a fight with another participant of the show – Nadezhda Sysoeva. According to the actress, her actions followed rudeness on the part of a colleague. Fedunkiv added that she had analyzed what had happened, but could not say that she was sorry.

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