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Popular comedian, Comedy Club resident Garik Kharlamov ridiculed the host of the program “Let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva for obscene remarks in the show. The comedian published in Instagram an excerpt from the program, in which the presenter said a swear word.

Kharlamov drew attention to the moment from episode “Let’s get married!”, Which aired on February 11. In it, a groom named Nicholas, a resident of the United States of Russian descent, said that as a child the family sent him to rest in a children’s camp in Russia, where he improved his knowledge of the Russian language. “Didn’t learn these:” You went to *** [куда подальше]”No?” – The presenter joked about what phrases an American could learn in a children’s camp, depicting an American accent.

In the video in Kharlamov’s account, the video with Guzeeva was followed by a scene from the movie “Red Heat”, in which the hero of the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger with a strong accent utters the word “hooligans”. “A little runglisha,” he signed the publication.

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Many Instagram users praised Kharlamov’s post. “Thank you for the good mood”, “Garik burns, as always”, – users wrote.

In his Instagram, Kharlamov regularly jokes about the heroes of “Let’s get married!” and its presenters. He used to poironiziroval over the weakness of the matchmaker Roza Syabitova, who spoke on the program about her love for men’s bellies. Before that, a comedian statedthat could create the opposite of the show’s project – “Let’s get divorced!” – and change the name to Guzey Larisov.

Humorist started to prick the program after Guzeeva said a rude word on the air. Leading in response admittedthat Kharlamov “just screwed up” her with his jokes about the show.

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