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The Israeli TV channel Channel 13 News showed a fighter from the movie “Star Wars” and pretended to be a plane that crashed in Ukraine. This was pointed out by Eli David’s entrepreneur Twitter.

David noted that the journalists of the TV channel used a video from “Star Wars” in their report on the Russian special operation in Ukraine. “Trust the media,” he said. The video used in the Channel 13 News report is a fragment of an amateur video of the Polish Star Wars Artistic Team, published in 2014.

“How can people believe fake news? There are people who have seen it, but still think it’s real, “” I thought I saw everything in this life, but it’s a new level of stupidity, “users wrote in comments below the post. Many found the report amusing, others condemned the journalists for unprofessionalism. “How can people do their job like that?” – One of the users was indignant.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of an operation to protect Donbass. According to the head of state, its purpose is to protect people who are subjected to abuse and genocide. After that Roskomnadzor called The media used only official sources and threatened to block for spreading fakes.

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