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The popular American streaming service Netflix refused to broadcast 20 Russian free federal TV channels, contrary to the requirements of Russian law, which came into force in March. About this reported Variety.

“Given the current situation, we do not plan to add these TV channels (20 Russian federal TV channels – approx. to our service, ”a Netflix spokesman told the publication. Other details of the decision are not given. However, Variety clarifies that the platform still provides services to Russian users.

The fact that Netflix will be obliged to show 20 federal Russian TV channels, it became known in December 2021. It was specified that due to Roskomnadzor’s inclusion in the register of audiovisual services, the platform from March 2022 will have to meet the requirements of Article 10.5 of the Law “On Information”, which includes the distribution of 20 TV channels of the first and second multiplex.

Roskomnadzor included Netflix in the register of audiovisual services in December 2021. The corresponding list was created in 2020 to monitor the content banned in Russia in online cinemas operating in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 announced in the address to citizens that made the decision on carrying out operation on protection of Donbass. He noted that the Russian authorities “will seek the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”

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