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WSYX correspondent Miles Harris of Ohio reported in Instagram a video in which his mother intervened in the filming of the story and greeted her son. In comments to the post, many users admitted that the video made them laugh and found it touching.

In the video, Harris’ mother drove to the scene of the shooting. “Hello, baby!” She shouted to her son. “I’m trying to work now,” the reporter replied. The man advised his mother not to delay the movement, after which she sent him an air kiss to the laughter of the operator and left.

The video received more than a million views. Instagram users said that the video amused and touched them. “It’s funny,” “It’s so cute,” “Nothing compares to my mother’s love,” users wrote in comments.

After the video went viral, Harris and his mother participated in the program Good Morning America (“Good morning, America”) on ABC. The journalist said that, according to the mother, she accidentally noticed the filming with her son while traveling on other business. The woman repeated the popular address to her son on the air.

Earlier reportedthat in England a child got live from the place of rugby competitions. The footage with the girl who was supposed to deliver the referee’s ball amused the audience.

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