Tsoi outlined the reasons why Netrebko was expelled from European theaters

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According to the singer, the leaders just found a reason.

Anna Netrebko. Photo: Global Look Press

Famous singer Anita Tsoi explained why the opera diva and star of the world stage Anna Netrebko was deprived of work in European theaters.

Anita Tsoi
Anita Tsoi. Photo: Global Look Press

“Doesn’t she realize that she may have wanted to retire? And now there was a reason, and she was asked from these theaters to give way to others. Whether this is the case or not, we do not know for sure, but it may be. In any case, when politics interferes with art, there is nothing good about it. “

Anita Tsoi

As Anita noted Choi, if Anna Netrebko needs a tour in Europe so much, it is for God’s sake. This is her right. Let him go and live in Europe.

In this situation, it is the choice of each artist. However, Anita Tsoi sad to watch what is happening and to be disappointed in talented people, reports “AIF”.

Formerly Anna No need stated that she had never received any financial support from the Russian government. She lives and is a tax resident of Austria.

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