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A popular figure in modern dance, Greek choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou will show in a few days at the Tel Aviv Opera the famous production of “Transverse Orientation”, which is a must-see for all lovers of dance and contemporary art.

Addressing the great, eternal themes – the history of art and Greek mythology – in the ballet “Transverse Orientation” he talks about the uprising of the younger generation against the power of a huge bull, symbolizing a frantic, outdated force.

In Transverse Orientation (the so-called mechanism by which moths always turn to a light source), the choreographer and artist turn to art history to create images that bring Picasso’s Minotaur, Botticelli’s Venus to the stage, and move smoothly from a farce to Greek mythology, creating a different world, an anti-utopia, a mystery full of humor and beauty.

There is a lot of music and light in this ballet – enveloping choreography of light and Vivaldi’s music in the masterful performance of the ensemble L’Aura Soave from Cremona. Vivaldi’s concerts and intricate lighting create truly magical mise-en-scène. Papaioannu “sculpts” works of art from the bodies of his dancers, using light to turn them into beautiful sculptures, and then turning them into fantastic creatures, half men, half women. In this ballet, Papaioannou, this theater magician and imaginative artist, blurs the line between theater, dance and the visual arts.

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