“Transformers: Climbing St. John’s Wort” showed its first promo art

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As part of the recent presentation for investors, Hasbro presented a fresh promo art of the future of fantastic action “Transformers: Climbing St. Robots”. The epic action movie, inspired by the company’s line of famous toys, will be released soon – Paramount studio will release the film in wide distribution next summer.

The horizontal banner in a pleasant color scheme depicts the name of the painting, logo and the exact release date – June 9, 2023. And if you look closely, you can see some familiar characters on the poster – in a circle divided into sectors, you can see Airosor, Optimus Prime, Raynox and Scorpionfish.

The events of the large-scale action take place after what happened in “Bumblebee”. This is a story about how incredible events force people to unite in the name of a common goal, the transformers of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as powerful beetles.

The main human roles in the film are played by Dominic Fishback and Anthony Ramos, but we hope that the center of the story will still be giant robots that turn into beasts. Stephen Caple Jr. is in charge of directing, and Michael Bay is the producer.

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