TOP from BIGBANG spreads a heartfelt letter to fans after the release of the new single “Still Life”

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BIGBANG's TOP Shares Heartfelt Letter For Fans After Release Of New Single “Still Life”

Following the release of a new song BIGBANG «Still Life» TOP set out his thoughts in a heartfelt letter to fans.

April 5 group BIGBANG returned with the long-awaited comeback and topped the charts single “Still Life”, which became the band’s first release in 4 years. Together with Mr. Dragon TOP took part in writing both the music and the lyrics for the new song.

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Later that day TOPwho left YG Entertainment earlier this year, posted a letter of thanks to YG staff and fans on Instagram.

TOP wrote the following:

“She is finally out.

I wouldn’t be here without the help of the staff YG.

Thank you for the last 16 years.

It means a lot to me.

I think I have another turning point in my life now.

I look forward to the day when I can return to inspire others again.

I am very grateful to my fans.

Thanks again.

April 5, 2022
T.Oh.P/ Chhwe Son Hyun »

If you haven’t seen the “Still Life” video yet, you can watch it on the link.

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