TOP from BIGBANG honestly criticized the system of internships and training in the k-pop industry

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When it comes to the K-Pop industry, you can sometimes look at it through rose-tinted glasses. For all the brilliance and glamor you can see on the screen, you may not notice that the idol’s life is hard, and the difficulties and pressures begin from the moment he or she becomes an intern.

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One person who has recently spoken openly about the industry is this TOP from BIGBANG.

Recently TOP gave an interview to PrestigeOnline, where he spoke honestly about the difficulties of his life, the influence of art and the future BIGBANG.

The musician also spoke about the problems in the K-Pop industry, and many believe that this could be the reason for his departure from YG Entertainment earlier this year.

During the interview TOP explained that the K-Pop system requires more careful study. Although he admitted that he was lucky because he was a trainee for only a year, he explained that this is a harsh place for those who want to succeed in K-Pop.

“I was lucky to spend less than a year as a trainer before making my debut – it’s a relatively short time. But I saw all the other interns, boys and girls; they have fallen into a very strict system. “

In particular, he is very critical of the system through which idols must pass. Although companies can glorify interns, TOP believes that it is costly for their well-being and mental health, and he even compared them to “robots”.

“They are told what to do and taught like robots. They may be popular, but they feel lonely inside. ”

However, unlike many who have criticized the system, TOP said he wanted to do something about it. TOP would not like to be a “robot manufacturer”. He believes that the best way to create real artists is to completely change the current training system.

“I want to help real artists. I am sure that in the future I will create a group that will be completely different from BIGBANG«.

With 16 years of experience, no one is more suited to training interns for the harsh realities of K-Pop than TOP

After experiencing all the hardships of K-Pop himself, he would be the perfect mentor, able to give advice on how to be a musician and how to deal with an industry that can be brutal and affect the mental health of idols.

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