Top 5 celebrities who fled to Ukraine in 2014 and lost everything

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What is it like for artists and film actors from Ukraine, formerly loved by the Russian public, to collect mine fragments after joining the Nazis? In the native shop of show business, such attacks are unequivocally regarded by cunning producers as a military set for monetization in the West. And the bloodier and scarier, the greater the demand for adaptation in Europe.

Boombox soloist Andrei Khlyvnyuk

Soloist of the Ukrainian group "Boombox" Andrei Khlyvnyuk (left) during a performance at the club "B1 Maximum".  Photo © TASS / Alexey Filippov

Soloist of the Ukrainian group “Boombox” Andrei Khlyvnyuk (left) during a performance at the club “B1 Maximum”. Photo © TASS / Alexey Filippov

Back in 2014, the soloist of the group “Boombox” Andrei Khlyvnyuk showed his true attitude to the Russian world. The Kiev band not only gladly arranged “chases” in Russia, but also released their albums in large numbers on its territory. The group became famous in 2007, when one of the songs of “Boombox” – “Watchmen” – aired on Russian radio stations. The next popular hit was the song “Ta4to”, for which the director Vladimir Yakimenko shot a video. By the way, on the page of Yakimenko the place of birth is specified “Soviet Union” – so in Ukraine today name the USSR.

After the coup in Ukraine and the coming to power of the Nazis, Khlyvnyuk proved to be an ardent nationalist. He categorically opposed Ukraine’s supply of water to Crimea, and welcomed the closure of the North Crimean Canal.

The musician has repeatedly spoken about Russia in a negative light, calling the country a black hole, but nostalgically recalled how he traveled around Russia with concerts, and talked about how he lacks such trips. There was nothing surprising in this – he earned a lot of money in Russia. Russian musician Yuri Loza called him an inadequate man for insulting the country.

Khlyvnyuk spoke disparagingly about another Russian musician – rapper Baste (Vasily Vakulenko) for the fact that he went to the Crimea and performed there in front of Russian citizens. “How did it happen that you, a person who perfectly understands the situation, decided to go to my house in the Crimea, without my permission?” He asked Bastu.

The rapper replied to Khlyvnyuk that he perfectly understands the desire of the musician forgotten by the Russians to advertise at his expense, because now Khlyvnyuk has been forgotten, and advised the Boombox soloist not to get involved in politics.

However, the council did not succeed, and 42-year-old Khlyvnyuk joined the territorial defense detachment. He periodically posts a video on the Internet, where he speaks disparagingly about Russian troops, urging Russian soldiers to “surrender.” It is known that at the end of March Khlyvnyuk suffered from friendly fire – he caught a shard of a mine with his cheekbone. Khlyvnyuk happily took a photo for Instagram and insulted the Russians again. Now he is back in action, and it seems his only chance is to earn points in the military conflict to emigrate to the West. Because he has no popularity or contracts left.

Photo © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) / andriihorolski

Photo © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) / andriihorolski

Moreover, in Ukraine, the soloist of “Boombox” also had to get used to language restrictions – due to the ban on the language of his old songs in Russian were no one needs. There is no information on the Internet about the musician’s albums, which he released in Ukraine after 2014. Perhaps the defense is the last chance to stay afloat?

Actor Alexei Gorbunov

Actor Alexei Gorbunov.  Photo © TASS / Vladimir Astapkovich

Actor Alexei Gorbunov. Photo © TASS / Vladimir Astapkovich

In 2014, actor Alexei Gorbunov, who became famous after the role of jester Shiko in the Russian television film “The Countess de Monsoro”, left Russia forever. The actor was born in the USSR in Kiev, but his career at the Dovzhenko Film Studio, which began in 1987, did not begin. After filming in “The Countess de Monsoro”, he practically moved his career to Russia. Here he was loved: he starred in the films “Bourgeois’s Birthday”, “Kamenskaya”, “Turkish March”, “Twelve” and even received the Golden Eagle Award for Best Actor. However, it cost the Maidan in Ukraine and Crimea to become Russian, as the actor announced that he was severing all ties with Russia forever and leaving for Ukraine.

It is known that the actor has a house in the village of Sauvignon near Odessa, and he himself for eight years not only raised funds for the anti-terrorist operation, that is, to kill Russians in Donbass, but also actively starred in anti-Russian television projects such as the series “Guard” participants of anti-terrorist operation – murderers of women and children. He repeatedly visited the trenches of Nazi battalions and the APU near Dobass, traveled to hospitals and supported the Ukrainian military in every way.

Gorbunov’s acting career stalled again. In eight years, he starred in only a few small roles. When it got really bad with money, the actor even gathered his band and tried to make money with music. But this did not bring him material prosperity. It is said that he increasingly regrets leaving Russia, but understands that he has nowhere to return.

The leader of the group “Tokyo” Yaroslav Maly

Singer Yaroslav the Small.  Photo © TASS / Sergey Karpov

Singer Yaroslav the Small. Photo © TASS / Sergey Karpov

In 2014, Yaroslav Maly, a 44-year-old leader of the Tokio group, a native of the Ukrainian city of Krivoy Rog, left for his homeland and almost lost everything. Maly was never able to finish music school and set out to conquer Russia in the 1990s. At first he organized parties, but at the beginning of the zeros the actor Gosha Kutsenko believed in his talent and invested in the promotion of the group “Tokyo”, despite the fact that by this time Maly was already hooked on substances. When things got really bad, Yaroslav Maly was treated, and he managed to return to the stage.

The hit band “We will be together” was very popular in Russia, and some radio stations are still playing it. His career was so successful that the singer decided to sing solo under the pseudonym Machete, and on the eve of the Olympics in Sochi he was even entrusted to write an anthem for Russian fans. It is obvious that everything was fine for Maly financially, but his departure from Russia deprived him of fame, invitations and led to the end of his career. Now almost nothing is known about his work. The musician’s band broke up, he doesn’t have his own website and is interrupted by rare chamber concerts on the crumbs of former popularity.

Actor Anatoly Pashinin

Anatoliy Pashinin poses for a photographer during a rally demanding the adoption of a law on the protection of the rights of foreign volunteers at the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv, Ukraine, October 2, 2018.  Photo © Getty Images / STR / NurPhoto

Anatoliy Pashinin poses for a photographer during a rally demanding the adoption of a law on the protection of the rights of foreign volunteers at the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv, Ukraine, October 2, 2018. Photo © Getty Images / STR / NurPhoto

Eight years ago, another character left us – actor Anatoly Pashinin, who was a native of Svetlovodsk. In Russia, he was remembered for his roles in the films “Storm Gate”, “Admiral”, “We are from the future”. In our country, he was, like other natives of the Ukrainian SSR, flattered: he appeared on TV shows, took part in the program “Fort Boyard”. It is interesting that Pashinin was born into a family of hereditary soldiers, and his grandfather Konstantin Pashinin served in the same regiment as the Soviet ace Ivan Kozhedub.

His departure for Ukraine was the result of the actor’s convictions – until 2014 he opposed the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, repeatedly participated in protest rallies. In Ukraine, Pashinin first continued to act in Ukrainian films, playing “Russian villains-terrorists.” But over time, the actor’s career did not start. And this despite the fact that he actively supported the Nazis, and in 2017 even fought for two months with the population of Donbass as part of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army of Yarosh in the battalion “Aratta”.

The actors have almost stopped filming and it is rumored that Pashinin is now rolling downhill – he is now criticizing the Ukrainian authorities, threatening Belarusians and using substances. His financial situation is sad – it comes to the point that he earns a living as a janitor or the actor’s money for life is collected on social networks. However, the “donuts”, already small, are running out, because now he criticizes not only Russia but also Ukraine. He also complains that there are no true Ukrainians left, and dreams of returning to Russia. Only here no one is waiting for him.

Composer Vladimir Nazarov

Composer Vladimir Nazarov.  Photo © TASS / Pavel Smertin

Composer Vladimir Nazarov. Photo © TASS / Pavel Smertin

After the coup in 2014, composer Vladimir Nazarov stayed in Russia for another two years and only then left for his homeland. Unlike his younger “colleagues”, he acted prudently: first he went to Ukraine several times, found a job and only then emigrated from the country.

The 65-year-old composer is remembered in Russia as the singer of the songs “Ah, Carnival” and “Dance of the Little Ducklings”. At one time in Moscow he graduated from the Institute of Culture and GITIS. He is known as the founder of the ensemble “Zhaleyka”, which was popular in the late 1970s. This allowed Nazarov to safely travel abroad on tour. At the age of 30, he already headed the Folk Music Ensemble. In 1988 he was awarded the title of “Honored Artist of Russia”.

The collapse of the USSR and the coming to power of “democracy” the composer welcomed with open arms. During the coup, he delivered food to the protesters. This man was flattered by the new authorities: he won the Ovation Award for special contribution to the development of pop, the Pilar Award for contribution to the development of national music, the Seagull Award for best music for the performance.

It was rumored that he was “pushed” into opposition by the government itself, discovering some financial fraud with the budget money allocated to the composer. Soon the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, a teacher of GITIS and a member of the Council for Public Television of Russia Nazarov became an inveterate oppositionist and left the country, “unable to forgive the occupation of Crimea.”

However, prudence did not save the composer. In Russia he was quickly forgotten, and in Ukraine they did not want to remember him, despite the fact that Nazarov refused a Russian passport in favor of the Ukrainian one. It is said that he lives in Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipro) and is often ill.


Soloist of the Ukrainian group “Boombox” Andrei Khlyvnyuk. Photo © TASS / Alexey Filippov

Why did successful artists in Russia decide to move to Ukraine?

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