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Want to feel old? In 2010, the box office film №1 was “Avatar”, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were just becoming stars, and Netflix, which will soon compete with itself at the Oscars, launched its first broadcasts in Canada. An unprecedented number of films have been released in 10 years, and this has become the biggest challenge in compiling the list: deciding which of the films that have gone through cinemas, VOD services and streaming platforms will rank the best films of the decade. But we decided to give it a try.


Melancholia, 2011

Lars von Trier’s Opus Magnum 2011 is a film about depression, the end of the world, a deeply resonant film about how two people can feel indistinguishable from each other. “Melancholy” tells the story of personal apocalypses, so all-consuming that it is difficult to see that a space object burns all the air in the atmosphere during a collision with Earth. It is difficult to choose a more suitable director to make a film about the end of the world than the grim Dane von Trier. At such a time, small silly romantic plots become of great importance, in the characters of von Trier, the impending doom created a mental state of stunned detachment. They continue to act as if their personal concerns are the least important. Von Trier has never created a more realistic home drama depicting a troubled family.

Mad Max: The Road to Rage

Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015

Perhaps the films were invented to capture life on the move. And perhaps they were invented to show a man firing a flame from an electric guitar as he leads a fleet of mutants traveling into battle through scorched desert wastelands! “Mad Max: Road to Rage” is one of the greatest fighters and a long-awaited part of the series. The film argues that being inside a franchise should not limit imagination or creativity, and that the anti-utopian saga of Mel Gibson’s revenge can pass the baton to the formidable warrior mother played by Charlize Theron.

She is

Her, 2013

The action takes place in the near future: the world is completely dependent on technologies that have not brought people together, but only pushed them further apart – loneliness is getting stronger every year. Spike Jones explores a unique love story between a man and a virtual assistant. Jones, with his unique style and skill, brings a deep and unchanging humanity to his films: he has a heartbreaking work on love, relationships and ways of communicating, played by Joaquin Phoenix and the voice (!) Of Scarlett Johansson.


The Rider, 2017

“The Rider” revealed the talents of Chloe Zhao, who made a film with indescribable grace and honed simplicity. It’s an unusual mix of documentary and fiction, in which amateur actors play fictional versions of themselves. The film shows the life of Brady Blackburn from the Pine Ridge Reservation after suffering a head injury during the races. It is a grim meditation on the nature of masculinity and what happens when a person loses the meaning of life.

Social network

Social Network, 2010

“We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we will live on the Internet!” Exclaims Sean Parker on social media. The film shows life in the post-Facebook era, and the main irony of the picture is that social networks have further divided people. The delicate balance between the real story of Facebook and fiction allows us to tell about the fragility of human relationships, but the strength of the film is that it is a self-sufficient story, not just tied to Facebook.

David Fincher’s film is not an evaluative judgment of the web, but a judgment of how human relationships have changed in the age of the Internet. Aaron Sorkin’s cynicism towards the Internet is perfectly intertwined with Fincher’s cynicism towards humanity. Instead, he depicts the tragedy of people in desperate need of human relationships — Zuckerberg’s friend, Eduardo’s father — and creating a simulacrum of social closeness while destroying real, imperfect relationships.


Joker, 2019

The very idea of ​​an evil clown must be very relevant in the age of trolling, insels and cyberbullying. The genesis of the last Joker is definitely mature and not cartoonish, compared to Jack Nicholson’s low-level swindler Jack Napier, who fell into a chemical vat in Tim Burton’s Batman, turning him into a Joker with white skin, green hair and a crooked grin. But Heath Ledger’s mysterious, unmotivated, original Joker in The Dark Knight was more powerful because he wasn’t burdened with all these realistic details, he wasn’t forced to carry the whole story on his own – his image was more suited to the comic book universe than the Joaquin Phoenix Joker. , embodied a new myth about the origin of the most famous opponent of Batman. Joaquin Phoenix plays a man tormented by illness, humiliation and failure, who at some point realizes that violence is his path to freedom and happiness.

Django is released

Django Unchained, 2012


Quentin Tarantino’s characters are often surprised to find themselves in his confusing universe of references. This is true of Django (Jamie Foxx), a black slave in the pre-war South who was freed from slavery by a German dentist who became a bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). The director’s seventh feature film plays the more relaxed brother of The Inglourious Basterds, his latest fierce attempt to stir the story with a rebellious sense of the game. Django takes revenge by killing dozens of white men and women, but the violence is not “real” but hyperbolic. A film for fans of the director’s corporate identity.

Spider-Man: Across the Universe

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018

Spider-Verse is a great proof that not only can everyone be Spider-Man – everyone can be a hero. Anyone can find courage in themselves, because although we all deal with personal problems (the daily baggage that Spider-Man always carries), nothing prevents us from finding ourselves and acting. The incarnation of the hero Miles Morales breathed new life into the story. The cartoon received positive reviews: the Rotten Tomatoes website gave the film a 97% approval rating based on 369 reviews with an average of 8.8 points out of 10. The review on the site reads:

“Spider-Man: Across the Universe” combines a bold story with vivid animation, humor and many superheroes. “


Inception, 2010

The talented thief Dominic Cobb carries secrets from other people’s dreams that can be sold well. But the main discovery is not theft, but the ability to model the behavior of another person through dreams. Director Christopher Nolan conceived the film in the early 2000s, but he needed to make The Dark Knight first and then embark on a more complex project. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures were right – “The Beginning” paid off.


Interstellar, 2014

The earth is dying from endless natural disasters, people are trying to survive and find a new place to live. To the solemn organ music of Hans Zimmer, several people go into outer space to find a new habitable planet. Insanely beautiful film, which mixed love for loved ones, a sense of duty, outer space and the physics of black holes, is considered one of the most scientifically authentic science fiction films in the history of cinema. And this despite the fact that the picture has a fascinating story, action, stars of the first magnitude, epic music. Japanese futurist Mitio Kaku called “Interstellar” “The gold standard of science fiction films.”

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