Too hot: Alexander Skarsgård explains why he was not taken seriously at the beginning of his career

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Source: Beagle Pug Films / Dark Horse Entertainment

Alexander Skarsgård faced with what at the beginning of his career was dealing with, perhaps, everyone, and not only in cinema. It never occurred to anyone in the industry that an actor playing, say, Adam in “Model Male” was capable of more.

After my first project, I was on the stupid list of the hottest guys, so people didn’t take me seriously. No one will offer to play a complex character when you are treated like a dude who looks cool without a shirt.

Alexander Skarsgård, disapproves

What can I say, judging by the future of the Varyag, everything is stable in terms of the shirt.

Among Skarsgård’s upcoming projects is a fiction by Brandon Cronenberg Infinity Pool and thriller Fever Heart with Kara Delevin.

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