Too hard: 8 k-pop songs that will break your brain 🤯

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Girls’ Generation – I GOT A BOY

Of course, it is simply impossible not to mention the main remix, which was not them. Here the producers had a specific plan and they obviously followed it successfully. In terms of experiments, Girls’ Generation became the first global test facility for SM Entertainment, and add to this the flying style of the tens of years 😅

In general, it can be difficult to listen to it now for those who will not be overwhelmed by a wave of nostalgia. Rather, it is better for beginners to include the same modern aespa or NMIXX. And yet, it is their crowning “Let’s bring it back to 140” that directly sends us to change BPM that just drives us crazy. This is what it means to really enjoy all the madness and become the basis that made k-pop the way it is now 😉

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