Tomb Raider: Lara Croft star Alicia Vikander will play the Queen of England

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Alicia Vikanderfamiliar to viewers for the role of the tomb robber in the film «Tomb Raider: Lara Croft“, Joined the cast of the historical drama Firebrand (There is no official Russian name yet).

Award winner «OscarWill play the Queen of England for the best supporting actress Catherine Parrreplacing the one that dropped out of the project Michelle Williams (“Island of the Damned”, “Humpback Mountain”).

The picture tells the story of the eighth and last wife of Henry VIII, who was the only wife of the king who managed to escape exile or death. The feature film is based on Elizabeth Fremantle’s popular historical novel The Royal Gambit.

The role of Henry VIII will be played by Jude Law (“Sherlock Holmes”, “Gattaca”). The director will be Brazilian Karim Ainuz (“The Invisible Life of Eurydice”). Release date is not reported.

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