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Tolstoganova: “I could not get pregnant for a long time. I did too much not to have children. “

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In 2005, the actress gave birth to a daughter, Varya, and three years later gave birth to a second child – Fedor. After her divorce from the children’s father Andrei Kuzichev, Tolstoganova had an affair with actor Alexei Agranovich. After a few months of relationship, the star of “Content” and the producer became parents.

Tolstogan still does not believe that she is a three-time mother. The actress is happy not only to have found real female happiness, but also the privileges that are enjoyed by large families. “Parking in Moscow is incredible when you can park anywhere for free and stand as long as you want. Everyone envies me! ” – said the actress.

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But Victoria could not experience the joys of motherhood. The fact is that the star of the series put his career first. “I couldn’t get pregnant for a long time because I used to do too much to not have children… My teenage years lasted up to 30 years,” admitted Tolstoganova, 50.

The actress lives in an unregistered marriage with Agranovich. As Victoria noted, the stamp in her passport no longer matters to her. By the way, the actress was married to her first husband for 15 years.

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Despite her unfree status, Tolstoganova is literally bathed in the attention of the opposite sex. “Oh, you can’t even imagine how many men are trying to take care of me on film! Said the star. – They offered diamonds, fur coats, and what are there – stars from the sky. But I have a family, children. To deceive them, to waste time on strangers, and therefore to steal these precious minutes from the closest relatives and friends? I can not”.

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