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Todorovsky’s friend spoke about the director’s condition after Brick’s death

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The actress died of oncology.

It became known how Valery Todorovsky is grieving the death of Eugenia Brick
Valery Todorovsky and Eugene Brick. Photo: Vitaly Hebap

In February this year, the director Valery Todorovsky lost his beloved wife and mother of his daughter – actress Eugene Brick. The actress died of oncology.

Before her death, Brick starred in Alena Zvantsova’s latest series “Nobody Knows”. The director admitted that she did not know about Eugenia’s diagnosis until the last moment, although she was friends with Todorovsky.

“I really didn’t know anything about Zhenya’s illness. Nothing at all… So I was shocked. Valeriy and I have known each other for probably about 20 years. And, of course, this is already a somewhat close human relationship. He is a very strong man, “she told the site

According to Zvantsova, Brick’s husband is still attentive to others, collected and tactful. He does not bear his pain outside the family, he lives difficult moments only with those closest to him.

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