To the 85th anniversary of the Krasnodar Territory: music of Galina Dubko’s life

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This year Galina Dubko, an honored cultural worker of Kuban from Kropotkin, is 85 years old. A peer of the Krasnodar Territory, a teacher with 61 years of experience and now works at the Children’s Music School. G. Sviridova. She shared the secret of her creative longevity with the readers of “Kuban News”.

The land that became home

In the Caucasus region on the anniversary of the formation of the Krasnodar Territory are going to publish a collection of local residents – peers of our region. The name of Galina Dubko will take a worthy place among those who are proud of their compatriots.

– My husband and I moved to Kropotkin in 1968 from East Kazakhstan. Of course, I liked nature, but the main thing is the wonderful, responsive people with whom we met here, – said Galina Ivanovna about her acquaintance with the Kuban.

She fondly remembers the director of the music school Ivan Konstantinovich Filippov, who hired her and her husband, then young teachers. Galina Ivanovna and her husband, Gennady Alexandrovich (unfortunately, who died early), had one profession – a teacher of accordion and accordion, and they devoted themselves entirely to music.

Dubko GI with Silkina A. 2011
Photo: from the family archive of Galina Dubko

The Krasnodar Territory developed before their eyes. At the same time, special attention was always paid to the creative education of the younger generation, children were created the necessary conditions for art.

Now in Kropotkin the whole family dynasty continues the work of Galina Ivanovna and Gennady Alexandrovich. Their daughter graduated from music school and her daughter Olga Lykova worked here until her retirement. Now her great-granddaughter Camila is receiving musical education in the pop vocal class.

Talent is known in work

Galina Dubko’s childhood was spent during the difficult war years. But even in those difficult conditions, she found an opportunity to be creative.

– I went to the first class in 1944. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed participating in drama clubs, dance groups, and singing in a choir. In general, I have always had a passion for art, – says my interlocutor.

She lived with her parents in a small Kazakh village, far from the front. Together with the whole country, she had to endure hunger and deprivation. Her father fought, fought in Germany, was wounded and returned home victorious.

As it turned out, it was fateful for the girl to get acquainted with the accordion, which her parents bought for her older brother. The boy was not up to the music, but Galya always touched the keys of the instrument with a fading heart and even learned to play it herself.

Music lessons help to increase the intelligence of young people, they become more educated. As a result, they succeed more often and faster both in school and in adult life.

Then she entered a music school, where she also mastered the accordion. Having received an education, she became interested in teaching children music, the pedagogical talent of women was fully revealed in the Kuban land.

– Mostly children who want to play music come to me. The child may have abilities, but for the result it is important to have perseverance, diligence, responsibility. If over time I notice these qualities in a child, starting to work with him on a special, more complex program, often children succeed not only in music but also in life, – the teacher shared his experience.

Among her pupils, many became winners of zonal and regional competitions. Someone chose music as their profession. Former students of Galina Dubko – the head of the department of folk instruments Larisa Buryakova, the head of the orchestra of accordionists Alexei Tyulmenkov came to work in the walls of the native music school.

Favorite thing

As a teacher, Galina Dubko has raised and released more than 83 students into adulthood. For many years of conscientious activity she was awarded the badge “For Excellent Work” of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, the medal “Veteran of Labor”.

One of the most significant awards for her is the honorary title of “Honored Worker of Culture of Kuban” as a recognition of compatriots for their great contribution to the development of the Krasnodar Territory.

To this day, Galina Ivanovna teaches children music. Her teaching experience in the same music school is 61 years! Our heroine owns a number of author’s methodical developments, which turned out to be in demand in music schools and art schools in the region.

2012. Graduates of different years.  Buryakova LV  Silkina A. Popkova L. Tyulmenkov A.

2012. Graduates of different years. Buryakova LV Silkina A. Popkova L. Tyulmenkov A.
Photo: from the family archive of Galina Dubko

Her author’s work “Education of pop skills in music school students” won a prize at the All-Russian competition of scientific and methodological works among cultural and artistic institutions. The main purpose of the development is to psychologically and morally prepare the child for the performance on stage, to help him overcome the excitement so that he can more accurately convey the idea of ​​the composer.

The teacher successfully applied her professional experience and knowledge in her research work on how to identify problems of children’s learning in music schools through questionnaires. This method helps to identify both positive and problematic moments in the educational process.

Galina Ivanovna shares her experiences with colleagues. On her initiative, a zonal methodological office was created, which brings together the best works of her colleagues. For many years she was the chairman of the methodical council of the Kropotkin methodical association.

Sing, play, live!

When asked about the benefits of music for a person, Galina Dubko quotes one of the outstanding musicians, whose meaning is that children without music education can not achieve a full, comprehensive aesthetic development.

– In my experience, I can confirm that music lessons help to increase the intelligence of young people, they become more educated. As a result, they succeed more often and faster both in school and in adult life. And over the years, music lessons help to postpone old age, – shared many years of observations of the teacher.

In conclusion, Galina Ivanovna asked to note that in the music school where she works, an atmosphere of creativity and mutual understanding has been created, the team under the leadership of director Vasily Petrov employs highly qualified specialists who are in love with their profession. With the help of regional and local authorities, sponsors in the Caucasus region, music education is successfully developing. Thanks in part to this, Galina Dubko and her colleagues managed to raise more than one generation of intelligent, highly educated citizens of Kuban and our country.

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