Tlekbek Akpayev presented his book

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Well-known Kazakh official, former first vice-president of the Football Union of Kazakhstan (FGC) Tlekbek Akpayev held a presentation of his new publication – “Sense of Tlekbek Akpayev’s time”, reports

The colorful book, filled with an abundance of unique documents and photographs, tells the story of the most significant event in the history of domestic football – exactly 20 years ago, Kazakhstan joined the European football family. On April 25, Kazakhstan transferred from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

At the same time, in the pages of the book, Tlekbek Amanchaevich spoke about the key moments of his childhood, dedicating a separate chapter to his father. Amancha Akpayev is a well-known sports figure, whose name also represents a separate page in the history of Kazakhstani sports.

The solemn presentation of the book took place in the Almaty cafe “Theatrical”. Famous football veterans, his colleagues-functionaries from the Football Union of Kazakhstan, journalists, friends of childhood and youth, fans and current leaders of the KFF headed by the President came to congratulate Tlekbek Amanchaevich Adilet Barmenkulov.

“Before the most important UEFA executive committee, on December 12, 2001, I appealed to the Almighty for help to help our country during the voting. And at its meeting, the majority of votes decided in our favor: to recommend to the Congress to accept the Football Union of Kazakhstan into the European Union of Football Associations, “- admits the author of the book.

Adilet Barmenkulov praised the contribution of Tlekbek Akpayev and his father to the development of Kazakhstani sports and invited Tlekbek Amanchaevich to work as an advisor to the KFF.

“I agree to work in the federation, provided that the planned KFF strategy for the development of football in the country will really be implemented,” said Tlekbek Amanchaevich.

After the solemn part, Tlekbek Akpayev received a T-shirt of the national team of Kazakhstan with autographs of famous players of all generations as a gift from the President of the Federation.

The presentation of the book ended with a photo shoot and autographs.

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