Timati’s ex-lover lost 50% of his savings

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The crisis has affected even the successful model Anastasia Reshetova.

Anastasia Reshetova is not only a model, but also a businesswoman. By opening a network of its own beauty salons and lingerie stores, the celebrity has significantly increased its income. However, she recently had an unpleasant situation.

Former rapper Timati’s former girlfriend complained about the unprofitable investment. It turned out that due to the jump in the exchange rate, some of the celebrity’s savings depreciated.

Back in February, the star wrote to fans that it is better to exchange rubles for foreign currency to save. But Reshetova herself did not have time to do so.

“When I didn’t change rubles on purpose, waiting for the best moment. As a result, at the moment I have lost 50% of my ruble fortune. Now invest only in Russia, “she said Stories.

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