Timati fell on the clumsy coaches

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The rapper believes that weight loss courses are no longer relevant.

Many celebrities sell courses to their fans, where they share various information with them. You can see marathons for weight loss or personal growth on the Internet. However, Timati believes that now is not the best time for such info products.

The founder of the Black Star label told what course he would be happy to take. According to him, now expert information on earnings in the current difficult conditions would be in demand. At the same time, Timati made a reservation: he would have taken such a course only if its author was a person with relevant experience, not forgetting to hook up incompetent coaches.

«Give a course on how to make money in a falling market, cuts, inflation, deficit of import substitution in real time. I would buy one if it was run by a representative of real business, and not all sorts of goddesses, “the rapper wrote on social media.

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