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Tigran Salibekov stated that his wife always envied her sister Kate Kolisnichenko

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Clashes in the network between the former spouses continue. After Yulia Salibekova, a former member of House 2, told her husband about the police, a precinct officer constantly came to his house to check, and Tigran himself “will soon be walking hungry near the door where his family lives,” as wrote Julia in the microblog. Tigran did not stay aside, Salibekov said that his wife always envied her sister Kate Kolisnichenko and therefore decided to divorce.

Salibekov is sure that Julia came under the influence of divorced Katya, goes to her about and does not want to put up with him. “Katya is dripping on Julia! Julia has always envied her, she wanted a life like hers. Now Julia aspires to such a life.” – 35-year-old Salibekov told subscribers live.

The offended Tigran, even during the life of their family in House 2, was indignant that Katya was getting into his relationship. From the outside it looks like that. Kolisnichenko had to leave her husband and go to St. Petersburg, she began to visit Yulia Salibekova, often spent time with her and Yulia’s family fell apart. Is it a coincidence?

As we have already written on the sloka, Kolisnichenko began to water the mud mother-in-law and ex-husband, and Salibekova began to repeat after her, although previously the audience of House 2 considered her wise and able to smooth out sharp corners. As a result, she is raising three sons alone and the situation in her life has only become more complicated. Do you think Katya Kolisnichenko is to blame for her sister’s quarrel with her husband?

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