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Tigran Keosayan told about the call to the director of the film “Belarusian Railway Station”

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The film will be released on February 23 at the Kion Online Cinema Tigran Keosayan The Immortals. The picture tells the story of four friends who come together thirty years after the end of the Afghan war. The main roles in it were played Yuri Stoyanov, Fedor Dobronravov, Sergei Puskepalis and Roman Madyanov.

What is the movie “Immortals” about?

At the heart of the story are the fates of four fellow soldiers who fought in Afghanistan. Many years later, they meet at the Troekurovsky cemetery to commemorate the deceased comrade.

And then they arrange friendly gatherings in a restaurant with fights, ride around the city, come to an old friend and at the same time remember their past youth, when in the 90s they could not adapt to a new life and were not needed by their country. But the hardest thing for the friends was that no one believed in their awards, and the experience gained in Afghanistan was devalued.

A scene from the movie “Immortals”. Photo: Kion online cinema

Actors Alexander Metelkin, Artem Eshkin, Maxim Emelyanov, Alexei Demidov played four friends in their youth. By the way, the role of Fyodor Dobronravov at a young age was played by his son Ivan.

“I saw small pieces, which I re-voiced, and the assembled version – never. I hope that everything is fine, as it was interesting to shoot, ”Fedor Dobronravov said in a conversation with journalists.

Sergei Puskepalis: “We are you, only in youth”

According to Sergei Puskepalis, in the finale of the filming he was very sorry to part with colleagues in the shop, because during this time the actor fell in love with the team.

“Once, when I was leaving the Yaroslavl Theater, which I lead, the guys who played us in our youth were walking nearby,” admitted Sergei Puskepalis. “We didn’t know them then.” And then one of them jumped up to me and said, “We are you, only in your youth. And he said it so warmly that I realized it was a good thing. “

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Immortals”. Photo: Kion online cinema

As the director explained, in his film he wanted to honestly tell the story of his generation in a changed country. And in this he was helped by screenwriter Ilya Rubinstein, for whom the film “Immortals” was the last in the filmography.

By the way, even before the film was released, the picture was called a remake of the famous film “Belarusian Station”, but this is not the case. References to the legendary painting Andrey Smirnov in the tape are really present, but this plot move, rather perceived as a homage, thanks to the Soviet masterpiece.

Tigran Keosayan.  Photo:
Tigran Keosayan. Photo: Kion online cinema

Tigran Keosayan: “I made a film not about the war”

The only similarity between Keosayan’s film and the Belarusian Railway Station is that according to the plot of both films, four friends gather together to remember their friend, and then go to their friend-nurse.

“What Ilyush Rubinstein wrote, the kingdom of heaven to him, he, of course, created under the influence of the film” Belarusian Railway Station “. And something remained there… I was interested in something else – and I completely shoveled the situation, and Ilya agreed with me, – Tigran Keosayan told – I was not shooting about the war, but about the fact that we sometimes forget and give up our past. And a large number of people, whole generations, suffer from this.

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Immortals”. Photo: Kion online cinema

– The media wrote that you called Andrei Smirnov to almost get a blessing for the filming of “Immortals”. Is that so?

– I really called Andrei Smirnov. And then it started… I called him to say that this is not a remake, but the picture has echoes of the “Belarusian station”. There was no question of any blessing. It’s not for me to judge a person who thinks differently.

– Which scene became the most difficult for you?

“None.” Filming was easy and enjoyable and everyone would shoot like that.

– Did the coronavirus series influence the filming?

– The pandemic affects everyone. But she did not influence our filming process. The film was shot in Moscow and Yaroslavl in March and April.

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Immortals”. Photo: Kion online cinema

By the way, he praised Tigran Keosayan’s painting Franz Klintsevich – Chairman of the Board of the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan. He noted that the director raised the issue of the devaluation of the Afghan war, which is rarely touched upon.

Tigran Keosayan created a crushing tragicomic picture of people with broken destinies, but who have not lost faith in friendship, love, kindness and other eternal values. And in this troubled time, it seems to remind us that war always has a terrible price – mutilated and taken lives.

Watch the movie “Immortals” in the Kion online cinema from February 23!

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