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TV series are a great way to spend time at home in a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to streaming services, new multi-series projects are released almost every day. Especially for those who are tormented by the eternal question of choosing “What to watch?”, We decided to tell you about three interesting series on the Internet, which can be watched completely in just one sitting.

The Hardy Boys

Genre: youth detective drama.

Two brothers are investigating crimes – the connection of the same detectives, which we read in childhood drunkenness.

© Hulu

Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy come on a summer vacation to the quiet outback town of Bridgeport. Their father, Detective Fenton, is conducting a secret investigation into a recent tragedy, and his sons and new friends are unraveling their own parallel case.

The original Hulu streaming project, based on a 390 (!) Book of teenage brothers and sisters written under the collective pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon, takes viewers back to the atmosphere of children’s detective stories that many read long before Agatha Christie and Stig Larso. A little drama, a little crime, fraternal disagreements and adult adventures mingled with a mix of nostalgia for his youth with an interesting narrative.

The Hulu project did not become a big hit, but it clearly gained its audience – streaming has already ordered the second season, which should be released this year.

Pieces of Her

Genre: detective action thriller.

When a young woman decides to spend time at lunch with her mother, the event turns into a real nightmare. The moment the robber in the cafe pointed a gun at her, she was ready to say goodbye to life, as her mother suddenly put the unfortunate killer on her shoulders. The incident provoked a chain of events that took the woman’s dark past out, and now she wonders: who really was her mother?

Mom will always protect you.  And in word and deed, and with a gun in his hand.

Mom will always protect you. And in word and deed, and with a gun in his hand.

© Netflix

With the release of the first trailer, many equated the heroine of the new Netflix series with the main action hero of recent years – John Wick, but on closer inspection of “Parts of it” more similar features with the thriller “Justified Cruelty”. We have heroes with a dark past, the consequences that will have to be raked in, action scenes and the tense atmosphere of a quality thriller.

The cast is also impressive – in addition to the aforementioned Golden Globe winner and star of the movie “Get the Knives” in the series played Bella Heathcote (“Man in a High Castle”), Jessica Barden (“The End of Her World”) and Gil Birmingham (” Twilight “).

“Our Flag Means Death”

Genre: parody action comedy.

The trailer for the series caused hysterical laughter among many YouTube users, judging by the comments of users.

The trailer for the series caused hysterical laughter among many YouTube users, judging by the comments of users.

© HBO Max

Aristocrat Steed Bonnet decides that being a gentleman is not an interesting enough way to live your life. Without thinking, he decides to become a pirate and joins a fraudulent gang. On his way, he will meet many colorful personalities, but the greatest adventure awaits him at the moment when fate confronts him with Blackbeard himself.

After many years of reigning on the big screens of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, it was to be expected that sooner or later the theme will be targeted by the creators of comedies with a parody bias.

The humorous component of the new series from HBO Max is responsible for the notorious Taika Vaiti, who is responsible for the third part of the Torah for Marvel and the series “What we do in the dark”, which has already ridiculed the topic of vampires. Next up is the pirate community and the aristocratic gentleman played by Reese Derby, who decided to turn everything upside down in it.

And what series would you add to the above?

We also advise you to check out the teaser of the project scheduled for the summer – new series “Suicide Squad” with Chris Pratt.

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