“Three fathers for one daughter.” A resident of Buryatia got on a scandalous TV show

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“Three fathers for one daughter.” Evdokia, a resident of the Zaigraevsky district, wants to prove to her former lover Andrei that she gave birth to a daughter. She insists: the man does not want to recognize her, so as not to bear any responsibility. The man himself considers the father of the child to be one of the mistress’s ex-husbands. Three alleged fathers for one daughter met in the same studio
DNA show (16+) on NTV. The purpose of the program is to find out for sure whether the girl’s blood father is among them.

Evdokia and Andrei were together for only a few months. According to the girl, the man was not the most exemplary partner. Upon learning of his pregnancy, he disappeared and later married another. Andrew claims that he dumped Evdokia because of a quarrel. And he doesn’t recognize the girl who was born to Evdokia.

However, many relatives and acquaintances say that the girl looks like Andrei like two drops of water. Even his parents stood up for Evdokia: “he just wants to escape responsibility and not pay alimony.”

In all, three men applied for paternity. The studio was almost certain that her parent was Andrei.

The experts performed a DNA test. At the end of the program, the presenter took turns opening three envelopes with the results of the analysis. He showed that two-year-old Ariana is really Andrei’s daughter. The man apologized and promised to pay alimony.


photo: screenshot from the program “DNA”

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