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Famous names include Vyacheslav Butusov, Slava Marlowe, Maniza, Billy’s Band, Oleg Mityaev, Melnitsa band and many other representatives of the music industry. will hold master classes for beginning colleagues on the stage, in order to transfer their many years of professional experience.

The final of “SAM.FEST” will be held on June 11-12 in the Samara region and will be timed to celebrate Russia Day. Applicants continue to send their applications to the organizing committee of the festival. The task of the jury is to select the 10 best artists and groups from among all those who have submitted their applications. The best of the best will be able to perform their songs on one stage together with the main names of the Russian music industry.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the organizer of “SAM.FEST” is Eva Samsonova. She stated the following about the necessity and urgency of holding the festival: “There is a” Voice “on the First, there is” Well, all together! ” on “Russia 1”. And in general there are enough competitions of musical talents in the country, although after their graduation few people will even remember the names of the winners. How will our festival differ from these competitions? This all-Russian “SAM.FEST” will be held in Russia for the first time. Only those who write songs themselves will be able to take part in it. That’s why it has such a name. The stars of rock, hip-hop, neo-folk and bard songs will take the stage. And also – young artists and groups who also write original and high-quality songs. Now the mayors have decided to help them: with master classes, concert experience, friendly advice. “

According to Eva Samsonova, the idea of ​​the competition came after the Rock over the Volga festival was held in the Samara region in 2009. In 2013, it gathered 700,000 spectators… After the closure of “Rock on the Volga”, the organizers remained in touch with the governor and the Ministry of Culture of the region. Now, together with Samara colleagues, the idea arose to create a new festival, which would act as a platform for young and talented musicians who create their own works.

“Unlike TV projects, we do not have the task of making a person part of the show or make him perform music that is convenient for us. We will all sing our own songs, ”Samsonova said.

“SAM.FEST” – a festival of original music in its broadest sense
What will the winner get? Necessary knowledge and experience for a career, the opportunity to record an album for free in an excellent studio. And yet – the winner will be invited to perform in the “warm-up” in front of sets of popular artists or other festivals.

“NCA has been around for almost 25 years, and we have developed strong friendships with many artists. Therefore, they gladly responded to our offer. The jury included not only artists, but also people who have been successfully working in the music industry for many years and are able to objectively assess the potential of each participant. These are the president of Gazprom-Media Radio Yuri Kostin, and authoritative music journalists Alexander Alekseev and Boris Barabanov, the program director of Radio 7 on Seven Hills Anastasia Rogozhnikova and others, ”says Eva Samsonova.

The jury will select the ten who will appear on the stage of the festival. And unlike wonderful shows, where mentors and producers rigidly dictate to the participant what to do, the task of the festival is to give the right advice and share experiences to make each author’s own material even better.

According to the organizers, more than 300 videos were sent as applications for participation in the festival. It is difficult to say which style dominates. Many recorded their songs just for acoustic guitar. And this corresponds to the idea that “SAM.FEST” is a festival of original music in its broadest sense. And let the music critics understand for themselves, the new bard song is indie-folk. I would like SAM.FEST, supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, to become an event that will attract young musicians from all over the country. By the way, the organizers decided to make the entrance to it free, to turn “SAM.FEST” into a family festival, where everyone can find their favorite artists.

It is worth noting that among the contestants there are groups in which musicians of famous groups play. There are also those who performed at prestigious open-air. Now they want to try their hand here. Moreover, the application was sent by a well-known music promoter, who, it turns out, also started singing in his spare time. But the jury votes anonymously, not knowing the name of the artist or the name of the group, but evaluating only the musical material.

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