This JYP train did not debut because it was too similar to Nayon from TWICE

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JYP Entertainment is famous for its magnificent visuals. That’s why one train JYP attracted a lot of attention due to the fact that she could not debut, despite her refreshing image.

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This train – Again Eugene (2000). She was part of the pre-debut team ITZY and began to attract attention after appearing on the reality show “Stray Kids”.

In 2018 Eugene confirmed her departure from JYP Entertainment. At the same time, many fans were disappointed. They believed Eugene promising train with a look like y Nayon from TWICEand they were sad to see her leave.

Although Again Eugene has never become an idol, she is still making music on her YouTube channel “yejinyeah”. She has also appeared in commercials for various brands and starred in several film projects.

Some comments from network users:

“It simply came to our notice then Mines and Nayonthe first photo really reminds Nayon«.
“In the first photo, she looks like Esther Yuand on the rest it is similar to Nayon. I almost took these photos for pre-debut photos Nayon«.
“Her problem is that she is too similar Nayon. JYPthey probably wanted the next band to look different, so they didn’t choose it. “

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