This is how Navka has changed in her marriage to Peskov: her friend spoke

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The skater has to be alert.

Tatiana Navka’s friend Svetlana Svetikova revealed how the life of the figure skater changed after her wedding to Dmitry Peskov.

According to the singer, from an open person to human beings, the athlete has become a cautious skeptic. And there is a reason for that: there are now too many people around Navka who want to be friends with her for selfish purposes:

“She understands all this perfectly and dispels the darkness of hypocrisy around her.”

In recent years, this has been given to Tatiana with great difficulty: the figure skater has been repeatedly harassed for bold statements, as well as for public earnings, according to which she is the richest wife of an official in Russia.

Svetikova, on the other hand, speaks exceptionally positively about Navka. In a conversation with EG.RU the actress admitted that the athlete persuaded her to leave Alexei Chadov, because she understood the futility of this relationship.

Tatiana saw that Svetlana really liked Alexei Polishchuk, and helped her get along with the skater.

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