this is how Galkin lost to Malakhov

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Love for the Prima Donna played an evil joke with the host.

The secret confrontation between Maxim Galkin and Andrei Malakhov has lasted for several years. Both presenters managed to work on the main TV channels of the country, both are loved by Russians, but only one of them became truly popular.

Viewers and experts spoke about this after Malakhov’s interview with Sofiko Shevardnadze. Fans of the presenter noted that he is distinguished from Maxim by his intelligence and professionalism.

“Hello, Andrei!” better than Tonight. Galkin is more arrogant, he likes to interrupt his interlocutors and insert Alla where it is necessary and not necessary, ”said one of the Internet users.

“If she doesn’t, she might be caught up in the house.” Therefore, as a good son, he understands that the elders need to be obeyed, ”another viewer supported him.

A TV viewer also spoke about Malakhov’s advantage in the show “Just about complicated»:

“Andrei is not a snob, he is not. Not the guy from the capital who achieved everything himself, he was able to become his own. “

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