“These pains are twice as strong as birth pains”

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The artist does everything to prevent the disease from returning.

The charming host of the show “Guess the Melody” and a former member of the group “Accident” always seems to radiate positive. However, in the life of Valdis Pelsch there were black stripes, which were overcome by innate optimism.

Active work on television, almost without days off, made itself felt. One day the artist had a severe attack of acute pancreatitis. The advanced disease led to necrosis of the pancreas, and then Pelsha was taken to the intensive care unit. Fortunately, the operation was not required, but the rehabilitation was long and difficult.

“The pain is so strong that it is remembered for a lifetime. It is believed that these pains are twice as strong as birth pains, ”Valdis shared his sad experience in the“ Living Healthy ”program.

Since then, the 54-year-old presenter has been closely monitoring his health, eliminating fatty foods from his diet and abstaining from alcohol. In addition, he became interested in extreme sports and even conquered Everest.

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