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these 3 zodiac signs face treason and betrayal in 2022

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Astrologers from the American edition Stylecaster told, what representatives of what signs in the coming year will have to face infidelity of the close person.


People born under the fiery sign of Aries, love relationships are always difficult. Representatives of this sign are not ready to devote all their time to the chosen one, because their interests are not limited to romance. They are much more attracted to career advancement, high earnings and the opportunity to show their talents to the world.

The stars say that in 2022, Aries’ ambition at work could lead to a breakdown in personal life. Tired of constant inattention, the partner will want to leave or find solace in the arms of another person.

Astrologers do not advise offended Aries to take revenge on a traitor and spoil his life in any way. To build a relationship, the representatives of the sign will have to learn wisdom and patience.


Representatives of this sign are sure to expect from 2022 only good news and positive events. However, the stars predict Virgo problems in the relationship with a loved one, and most likely discord will occur in the fall.

For organized and rational Virgos, any change that does not happen of their own volition becomes a real test of strength.

Betrayal of a partner or a complete breakup of the relationship will confuse the representatives of this sign and make you doubt yourself. Astrologers advise Virgos not to be too sad about lost love, because it will be replaced by a new one. However, they note that it would be good for the representatives of the sign to “grow their armor” so that next time they would not take what happened so close to their hearts.


In the coming year, the representatives of the air sign will face an extremely unpleasant surprise in the form of betrayal of a loved one. Being in a difficult situation, Libra needs to remember that the blame for what happened lies with the traitor, not on them. In addition, astrologers advise not to forget how important it is in this situation to give free rein to your emotions.

Libra would prefer to wear a mask of a person happy with life and diligently pretend that everything is fine, but it would be much better to give yourself the opportunity to cry and grieve at will.

Otherwise, repressed emotions will come out at the most inopportune moment. The stars say that Libra will be better off completely distancing himself from the person who caused the pain – only then will they be able to recover quickly from what happened.

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