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“There will be no reporters, but among the guests…”

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All week ARMI talks about only one event: a wedding Chonguka (Jungkook) and you (V). After the celebrities provoked rumors of the celebration, they have no reason to resent the fans for shipping. It’s all my fault stage with a ring at the concert! Fans, who imagined that one day they would be able to hear from Taehan the cherished words “Follow me” to the GC, have already practically planned what the wedding of Korean stars should look like. And, although all of the following will be the fantasy and dreams of listeners, we offer to find out how fans imagine the ceremony…

First of all, online users who shared their opinions believe that the main condition of the label in the case of a wedding of shouters should be top secret. Perhaps the company would only let a full-time photographer in, but not reporters from the press. Second, chic and luxury. Musicians from “Bantan” deserve the best, agree? Thirdly, all the decorations of the place of the holiday would be in gentle tones (white, cream), which would once again emphasize the sincerity, kindness and purity of the guys. And fourthly, on this day the Bias would be allowed to come only the closest, preparing special “royal” places for best friends from the group.

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