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In honor of the 400th anniversary of the playwright, the book “Moliere” will be published by GITIS Publishing House. Theaters, Audiences, Actors of His Time “by Karl Manzius and a collection of six different translations of” Misanthrope “.

The book about the Moliere was first translated into Russian by the Danish actor and theater researcher Karl Mancius (1860-1921) by theatrical director and GITIS teacher Fyodor Kaverin in 1922. The uniqueness of Mantius’s view of Moliere’s creative path was an attempt to see the figure of the playwright not isolated from the context of the era – along with details of the comedian’s fate, the author described the rich theatrical life of France. The original text of the book, the first edition of which was published in the late 19th century, contained many foreign quotations about the life and work of the French playwright, which complicated the search for Russian-language theatrical analogies in the translation process. And so, 100 years later, GITIS Publishing House releases an edited version of Moliere,, where all the footnotes of the original are translated for the first time and translation inaccuracies are corrected.

“Acting, drama, staging practice, stage design, theatrical organization and intricate human connections between the servants of Melpomene – – there seems to be no topic in the history of French theater of the XVII century, which would not touch on in his book Manzius,” – said the press. GITIS service.

According to the published announcement, the book “Moliere. Theaters, Audiences, Actors of His Time ”will be released in early February, and in June the publishing house promises to release a collection of six translations of the play“ Misanthrope ”. The book will include translations by Sergei Samoilenko, Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Donsky, Tatiana Shchepkina-Kupernik, Vasily Kurochkin and Ivan Elagin.

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